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Small Group Fitness Classes

There is strength in teamwork, especially for fitness. At ATHLETIX we believe working out as part of a team and teamwork in general, is a large contributing factor to improving performance and achieving fitness goals. 

When you’re in a small group, there’s a motivation to do your best and push your limits. When the class is too large, we find the results are not the same. When paired with a professional strength and conditioning coach, the results can be extraordinary.

If you’re living in Brisbane, looking for a gym for beginners, we suggest you book a free group fitness trial class at Athletix. We offer small group fitness classes for HIIT, pilates, kettlebells, sprint, weightlifting and more. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed as their fitness coaches provide a range of workouts. You can pick any combination you like and book our free weekly trial.

Here are the group classes offered:


LIFT - Weightlifting Class

Type: Strength
Our weightlifting class at Athletix focuses on making your foundations incredibly strong. It also helps create a sturdy foundation for complex lifting. The group classes consist of dumbbells and exercise bands instead of weight machines. In each session, your form and details are drilled to ensure your lifts are safe.

Whether you’re a beginner or skilled, these group sessions are great for you as they focus on the minor details to help you achieve new heights! Each class lasts between 45-60 minutes, focusing on all the major muscle groups in your body.


Type: Cardio
A sprint is usually a 30-minute high-intensity workout class on an indoor bike, using short bursts of all-out energy. The small sprint sessions help you burn calories, boost your metabolism, enhance sprint ability, explosiveness and agility, increase your heart rate, and push your limits. By making a sprint, you move towards your fitness goal faster, like an athlete!

The trainers at Athletix, our Brisbane gym, educate you about the most important technical elements of acceleration through their highly effective Sprint Training Class. These sessions are perfect in a group – get motivated and improve your speed faster.


Type: Conditioning
Want to build your core strength? If yes, don’t miss out on the exciting group sessions offered by Athletix in Brisbane. The best HIIT class (High-Intensity Interval Training) is to push and drag, involving short bursts of super-intensive exercises with equal periods of rest and low-intensity exercises.

Athletix offers these group classes with several modifications, from more straightforward to advanced versions. You can choose the parts of your body to target – chest, arms, shoulders, and more. These functional movements help beginners build an insane amount of strength and resilience.


Type: Conditioning
A kettlebell is probably the most straightforward exercise equipment to exist – a hunk of iron with a handle. It allows for compound and functional workouts, focusing on multiple muscle groups and joints together. At Athletix, you get to work on every muscle in your body using this tool to build form, strength, endurance, and mental resilience.

Exercising with a kettlebell in a group is the best as you get to see how your acquaintances and friends are doing while working on your core, lower back, and glutes. Since a kettlebell class is fun and easy, you get to enjoy the music while working on your physical and mental health.


Type: Recover/Release
We’ve observed that many gyms don’t consider introducing mobility classes to their sessions. It is common to do cardio for a better heart condition, weightlifting for strength and muscle gain, and kettlebell lifting for relaxing the joints and muscles. But they don’t give as much importance to mobility as they should.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, you will feel the difference after one session! At Athletix, our trainers focus on active recovery, using a science-based approach to improve flexibility and strength simultaneously. Our exercises focus on increasing the range of motion, stabilisation, and muscle control around the joints because, without proper mobility, you’re likely to injure yourself while working out.


Type: Conditioning
Whether you’re an athlete or just a fitness enthusiast, you must understand that increasing the overall fitness level is essential to perform at your best. By entering into metabolic conditioning at Athletix, you learn flexibility, time efficiency, and how to break through a plateau. As met-con workouts include a range of tasks and equipment, you get to spice things up in groups.

Regardless of your starting fitness level, this circuit class helps enhance your metabolic rate and overall conditioning. It involves speed-strength training, submaximal loads with multiple tools and movements, weekly changing the focus on energy systems; you will surely enjoy them a lot!



This class will progress you from the foundation of Weightlifting (Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press etc.) onto power based movements (Cleans, Jerks, Snatches) with great emphasis on movement competency and coaching


Type : Cardio

Train like a track athlete! Boost your metabolism, enhance your sprint ability, and learn the most important technical elements of acceleration with our highly effective Sprint Training class.

HIIT – Push and Drag

Type : Conditioning

Develop an insane amount of fitness, strength, and resilience with Push & Drag. This team-oriented class is filled with great functional movements and bodyweight drills. This class is a true example of high-intensity training designed to kickstart beginners and test the best!


Type : Conditioning

Able to work every single muscle in your body, the kettlebell is the single best fitness tool on the market! Build form, strength, endurance, and physical and mental resilience with our Kettlebell class!


Type : Recovery/Release

Our Mobility class focuses on active recovery and uses a science-based approach to improve flexibility and strength at the same time. Whether you are an elite athlete or just a beginner, you will feel the difference after just one session!

Mat Pilates

Type : Recovery/Release

Our Mat Pilates class focuses on improving postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance. It is a low-impact option and perfect for those sitting all day or for those recovering from high intensity training!   


Type : Conditioning/Strength

HIT based class for the whole family. There is something for every age group. Perfect to create healthy positive memories. TRAIN – SWEAT – BOND through the struggles and challenges of the workout.


Type : Cardio

Boxing pad-work for any level and ability,  focused purely on Fitness. 

Think hard and fast hits, elevated Cardio workout, boosting muscular endurance, metabolic rate and lowering your stress levels.



Type : Conditioning

A circuit class meant to help you enhance metabolic rate and overall conditioning regardless of your starting fitness level. Met-Con works your speed-strength with submaximal loads and a variety of movements/tools. You will love it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Group fitness classes are all forms of exercises done in a group setting, headed by a trainer or an instructor. It includes Zumba, Bootcamp, Pilates, Dance, Boxing Class, etc. These exercises help with your fitness needs and health by working in a group setting. You can easily find personal trainers for adults, seniors, and kids to get healthy in an intelligent way.

Group fitness classes are fun! With music playing around and everyone working out, sharing the struggles, and cheering at the successes, it feels more like a party than a workout. You can even sign up for endless combinations of exercises to make the journey to getting healthier fun!

In a group fitness class, you work out with many people. It pushes you to your limits and to give your best. Over time, you adopt this mindset, helping you kick yourself into gear even on those days when you want to plant yourself on the couch. If you’re one of those people to whom even the thought of exercising on their own feels demotivating, it’s time to switch to a group session.

In a group fitness class, you meet different people for a sweat session – it keeps your mind fresh and you in shape as you break yourself from the daily routine.

If you’re looking for free group fitness classes for adults, don’t forget to check out Athletix. They offer a range of workout sessions, including met-con, mat pilates, kettlebells, push and drag, sprint, and mobility. According to our timetable, sessions are carried out for a whole week, and you’re free to include as many as you want in a day, according to your fitness needs.

Athletix offers free group fitness workouts for a whole week. You’ll get to enjoy multiple exciting sessions on systematic and evidence-based approaches and are free to select any class you want.

Studies have proved that group exercises positively affect your health and well-being compared to solo workouts. When people perform an activity in a group, it influences their attitude and emotional responses. It means that seeing people around you doing the same thing affects how you feel about that activity.

For instance, if you surround yourself with people who exercise regularly, you will also begin to perceive exercise as a positive and desirable activity. Thus, we can say that people perform better in group fitness classes because doing a task in groups is motivating, fun, and engaging.

For many people, mass activities are an appealing option. When you enter a group activity, you meet new people and establish friendships. Group fitness activities offer you the opportunity of joining the journey towards fitness along with a friend without formally being a part of a competition.

Some of the most common group fitness activities for adults include pump, step, spin, and circuit training. Whether you’re an adult or elderly, you can find different activities accordingly.

Group fitness exercises are the most effective ways to get fit, lose weight, build stamina, your dream body, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to enjoy working out while doing gym with a personal trainer, making it even more enjoyable. Here are a few other perks:
  1. You feel motivated to work harder, seeing everyone around you is doing the same.
  2. As the professionals are there to correct you at each step, injury risks are very low.
  3. You get to meet like-minded people who become your support network and tribe.

What is the Best Group Fitness Class for a Sedentary Person?
For a passive person, it is vital to introduce group exercises to their lifestyle. It is the key to reducing health risks and keeping the mind fresh. One may start with the following workouts:

  1.  Bike Riding
    Stationary bike riding is best for sedentary people as they lack a solid abdominal core, making it hard for them to sit on an upright bike.
    2.  Aquarobics
    Exercising in water reduces the impact on the joints, causing less pain in your hips and knees. It happens because the water supports your body weight, so you experience less pain.
    3. Treadmill
    Walking on a treadmill is highly beneficial for warming up. While it is better to go out in the park to take a walk, a treadmill will be enough for you if you’re a homebody or looking for a gym for seniors.

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) supports some gym tasks you can claim. Since gymming is unrelated to a disability, you’d have to prove that your need for membership is solely and directly related to the disability. If you fail to prove your case, the NDIS will refuse membership.

A personal trainer registered with NDIS helps make exercising less overwhelming for people with disabilities.


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