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Sports Rehab

sports rehab and THERAPY


Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to helping you get back into the game stronger and faster than ever before.

At ATHLETIX, we understand that when it comes to recovery, a comprehensive and specialised approach is essential. That’s why we have assembled a team of experts, all under the same roof, to provide you with seamless care throughout your rehabilitation journey.

Our Rehab team consists of two expert sports physiotherapists, an exercise physiologist, a massage therapist, and a team of strength and conditioning coaches. With each member bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table, we offer a complete range of services to support your recovery.

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The journey begins with our exceptional sports physiotherapists. These professionals are at the
forefront of your rehabilitation, providing personalized care during the crucial acute phase. Their
extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise ensure that your recovery begins on the right track.


As you progress through your rehabilitation, our dedicated exercise physiologist takes over, focusing on the intermediate phase. With a deep understanding of human movement and physiology, they design customized exercise programs to restore your strength, flexibility, and overall function.


When you’re ready to make your return to sport, our accredited exercise and sport scientists, along with our team of strength and conditioning coaches, will guide you. They fine-tune your training, focusing on getting you back in top shape for your sport.


sports rehab - Strength & Conditioning Gym Brisbane - Group Fitness Classes & Personal Training - ATHLETIX
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What sets us apart is that we bring all these professionals together under the same roof. Having everything in one place means easier communication within the team. Our practitioners work collaboratively, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your recovery. This coordinated approach allows us to provide the highest level of care and deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

We understand that surgery might not always be the best solution. That’s why we offer conservative management alternatives. Our team of experts will explore all available options and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Our entire team is at the highest level of education and expertise, working closely with leading sports physicians and orthopedic surgeons. We have helped national and international athletes recover from their injuries and return to peak performance. Your journey to a stronger, better you, starts here.

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Head of Rehab

Myles Burfield

Head Physiotherapist

Myles is a Titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist (awarded by
the Australian Physiotherapy Association in 2016) with a special interest in injury management, rehabilitation, running analysis, and injury prevention.  He is currently undergoing expert training with the Australian College of Physiotherapists to become a Sports and Exercise Specialist physio

With 16years of private practice experience and extensive involvement within elite sport Myles provides expert treatment and management for all general musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.  Having previously worked within the Australian Institute of Sport, Cirque Du Soleil, and as team physio for the Australian Canoe/Kayaking team (including the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, where they won
Bronze) he now practices in Brisbane while completing his specialisation and teaching the next generation of Physiotherapists at Australian Catholic University.  

You can book your appointment with Myles and his team HERE.



Specialist Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist (2023)

Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (2016)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2007)

Clinical educator at Australian Catholic University (2021-current)


Australian Institute of Sports (2012-2015)

Australian Olympic Canoe/Kayak Team Physiotherapist (2013-2018)

Cirque du Soleil (2010-12)

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Sports Rehab/Physio

Campbell Antonio


Campbell has deep interest in Sports Physiotherapy. 

After obtaining his Bachelor in Physiotherapy (2019), he decided that in order to truly help his clients and athletes, he needed to be more than a general Physio.

Campbell decided to enroll in 2 Masters simultaneously (Master of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy AND Master in High Performance Sports) that he is currently undertaking , so to gain further knowledge in both S&C and Sports Physiotherapy.

Together with Myles they help our athletes, members and corporates to be on top of their game.

Campbell also enjoys teaching our physio-led Pilates small group classes.

You can book your appointment with Campbell HERE.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy - Honours (2019)

Masters of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy (ongoing)

Master of High Performance Sports (ongoing)


Wallaroos (2020)

Mayne Tigers AFC (2020-21)

UQFC (2020)

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Rehab S&C Coach

Tom Savidge

Rehab S&C Coach

Tom comes from UK, via Hong Kong and Adelaide, bringing a wealth of international experience and knowledge.

Highly involved in professional rugby union (Glasgow Warriors, Scottish Rugby Union) he specialised as Rehab Coach in Return to Play.
Tom will play a pivotal role in our rehab programs for athletes, general pop, and will also be able to assist for physical preparation at any level!

Tom is also super passionate of Youth Athletic Development, having worked with Prince Alfred College (Adelaide) and here at Villanova College (Brisbane).


Strength & Conditioning Coach - ASCA level 2 Professional

Bachelor in Exercise & Sports Science (Hon)

Masters of Science – Strength and Conditioning

British Weight Lifting Coach – Level 1

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist & Corrective Exercise Specialist

S&C Coach Villanova College


Youth Athletic Development

Return To Sport / Performance

Strength and Power Specialist

Speed Development

IMG 0147 e1685322267891 - Strength & Conditioning Gym Brisbane - Group Fitness Classes & Personal Training - ATHLETIX
Exercise Physiologist

David Lawrence

Exercise Physiologist

Dave started as an Exercise Scientist and accumulated over 10,000 hours of face-to-face experience with clients from all walks of life (from national-level athletes to pregnant mums, 92-year old).

While working with athletes is strong passion for him, David started developing an interest in helping people with injuries and clinical conditions.

He decided go back to Uni, undertake and complete a second degree, in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) at the University of Queensland.

He now works with NDIS clients, Veterans and people suffering from chronic diseases.

In his spare time he trains regularly, and is an avid touch footballer.


Training Focus

Strength and Power Development

Management and Rehab of Musculoskeletal Issues

Mental Health Considerations

Management of Clinical Health Conditions


Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours)

Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences

20230123 111838 e1684274909282 - Strength & Conditioning Gym Brisbane - Group Fitness Classes & Personal Training - ATHLETIX
Massage Therapist

Debra Mielke

Massage therapist

Debra left a strong corporate career to pursue her passion in Sports, Healing and Human Performance Enhancement. 

Having worked as a massage therapist for 20years, and teaching massage TAFE courses, she is a wealth of clinical knowledge and treatment skills including various massage techniques, dry needling, and cupping. 

Debra comes to QLD with a grounded approach to therapy and has contributed to many sporting clubs both as a trainer and first aider. 

She is passionate about working with elite level athletes as well as those who seek treatment for work related issues, traffic accident injuries, from children to the elderly all are welcomed by her warm and friendly approach. 

Debra has likely suffered most ailments she gets to treat, due to her fun and competitive approach to her own sporting and training activities. 

Look out for her on the course if you’re a Tough Mudder or Spartans competitor!


Diploma in Remedial Massage

Bachelor of Business – Monash University

Advanced Dry Needling

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner NLP

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer in Brisbane, don’t forget to check out Athletix. They have one of the best fitness coaches in Australia to help you exercise effectively and avoid the chances of injuries.

On average, a personal trainer in Brisbane costs as little as $25 per session. You can also save some money by splitting the cost of a session with a family member or a friend. It is essential to remember that the charges of every class are different.

Personal training is a great way to revitalise your health, build your workout knowledge, and achieve your goals faster. It is a worthwhile investment in yourself to charge up your motivation.


Here are a few critical reasons to try out personal training at least one in your life:

  1.  A coach might guide you through the ropes and pulls to build your knowledge and confidence if you’re new to workout.
  2.  A good training program offers personalised plans to maintain your health and reduce the chances of injuries.
  3.  Booking for PT in advance motivates you to show up every week and feel accountable.
  4.  A good PT encourages you to achieve more than your expectations without forcing you to the point of pain.

If you’ve decided to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, it is vital to find a personal health coach ASAP. However, how frequently you see your coach depends on your fitness goals. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, you might need to see your trainer two to three times a week.

On the other hand, visit your two times a week if you go to the gym regularly but don’t find it beneficial. If you’re an athletic type, your trainer might give you one session per week to help you achieve a balanced physique while lessening the risks of sports-related injuries.

The average cost of personal training varies in every country, depending on the coach’s availability, experience, credentials, and reputation. On average, you can find a fitness instructor charging between 25$-50$ for a 30-minute session and 40$-70$ for an hour session.

If you decide to sign up for a month, it might help you save some bucks. Moreover, if the gym does not have any luxury amenities, it will cost you less. You can also save money by booking a trainer in packages of 5,10, 20 sessions. The more you book in advance, the more you’ll save!

If you want to make sure that your workouts are effective, look for these attributes in a personal trainer:
1. Credentials
A person must obtain one of these certifications to become a health coach: NCSA, ACE, or NASM.
2. Experience
An experienced coach should have perfected the moves to help you get the most out of every rep.
3. Charges
It is crucial to consider the hourly rate of a personal instructor depending on their certifications, experience, specialty, and location.
4. Reputation
It is best to find a trainer through referral. A knowledgeable and successful trainer will be happy to share their success stories, testimonials, and references.

All trainers at Athletix Gym are certified and upskilled.

If you’re looking for a trainer in Brisbane, you can always turn to Athletix as their instructors are certified. They are educated in basic exercises, science, fitness assessments, nutrition practices, human movement science, speed, agility, client interaction, and professional development.

You can always find a certified health coach in reputable gyms with the following certifications:
1.  International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
2.  National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF)
3.  American Council on Exercise (ACE)
4.  National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, increase stamina, or simply feel that additional accountability will benefit you, hiring a personal trainer can be a great resource to you. Here are a few services to expect from a personal trainer:

  1.  Help you figure out whether your fitness goals are realistic.
    2.  Teach you how to practice a particular exercise properly.
    3.  Suggest activities and exercises according to your body.
    4.  Hold you accountable for your goals by keeping a regular check.
    5.  Push you a little harder to make sure you don’t slack off.
    6.  Evaluate your current program and suggest ways to tweak it.

As fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, trainers are often expected to write meal plans for their clients to boost their performance, lose weight, deal with chronic health issues, and lower potential health risks. Besides, they must know the latest diet trends and learn how they align with your training regime as many people require specific food plans.

However, it’s against the law to offer diet and nutrition suggestions in many states unless you have a certification. Obtaining nutrition-specific certification allows a trainer to provide their insights legally and even expand the scope of their training business.

Hiring a personal trainer can be a difficult task but offers numerous benefits. Here are four tips to consider when hiring a coach in Brisbane for reaching your fitness goal:

  1.  Find a trainer who can assess your needs and institute a plan that pushes your physical strength.
    2.  A trainer who gives clear instructions feedback, and builds a strong relationship with the clients, while making them feel safe is suitable.
    3.  A personal trainer should be knowledgeable in various types of exercises and styles.
    4.  A health coach must have experience with different medical conditions you might have.

Why Athletix

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Indoor Sprint Track

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Nationally Accredited Coaches

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Evidence Based Programs

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Fitness Progress Reports

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High Performance Gym Layout

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Friendly Environment

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