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ATHLETIX is made by an exceptionally talented Team of professionals, ranging from Exercise and Sports Scientists to Physioterapists and Nutritionists.

We have practical experience with elite athletes, general population, and clinical patients.

We hold accreditations from the major national associations (ESSA, ASCA, NCIS to name a few).

At ATHLETIX we take the importance of training every stage of life (youth, young adults and mature adults) very seriously. 

Appropriate evidence-based protocols alow our Coaches  to support the whole community to aspire and achieve a better physical development.

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OUR Coaches

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Director of Athletic Performance

Marco Mastrorocco

Over 20 years-experience in coaching general and athletic population (Italy, UK, Spain, Australia), running seminars (Brazil and Nigeria) and managing Fitness Clubs..

My passion is educating and developing physical abilities in everyone, especially the youth population.
Since 2018 I have been working as consultant for Cricket Australia (Pathway Squads) and the Queensland Bulls (Elite and Youth Pathway), as well providing high performance programs for High School sports programs (Rugby Union, Track and Field, Swimming).

I coordinate, mentor and help the Team developing the optimal S&C frameworks and long term development, to suit the populations we work with.


Strength & Conditioning Coach - ASCA Level 2 (Associate Pro-Scheme)

Weightlifting Coach (AWF Level 1)


Bachelor in High Performance Sports

4x Italian Thai-Kickboxing Champion

Bronze Medal at the W.A.K.O. European Kickboxing Championships (2004)

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Isaac Corvo

I have been living and breathing Sport my entire life.

I have been playing AFL at sub-elite player for the past 5 years, got exposed to high level coaching.

This inspired to complete my Bachelor in Exercise Science and become a  Strength and Conditioning specialist.

My mission is to assist others in their journey to become a better version of themselves: fitter, stronger, faster or in whatever capacity that may be. 

My coaching philosophy is about providing an evidence based approach, excelling in fundamental movements (squatting, pressing, pulling and hinging) in conjunction with improving motor patterns, pivotal in athletic development (running,  jumping,  sprinting alike).


Strength & Conditioning Coach - ASCA Level 1

Bachelor in Exercise Science

Sub Elite AFL Athlete

Training Focus

Strength and Power Development

Speed Development

Injury Prevention and Return to play


Strenght & Conditioning Coach

Reza Sharifian

Incredibily interested in human movement and athletic performance.

I completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences (Hons.) after playing international rugby.

I have a broad range of coaching experience: professional cricket players, sub-elite rugby and soccer players, gym and fitness enthusiasts.

I implement a scientific and research-based approach to my coaching and am always interested to learn more about new training methods and human movement. I believe in a holistic approach towards health and fitness and am eager to help my clients to reach their goals. 


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bachelor in Exercise Science (Hons.)

ESSA accredited Exercise and Sport Scientist (AES, ASpS)

Training Focus

Strength & Conditioning

Agility and Power Development

Injury Prevention and Rehab

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Strenght & Conditioning Coach

Oliver Corfield

Sport has very much been the foundation of my entire life.

I was always that kid that treated PE like the Olympics and would never shy away from any competition.

This conviction led me to win two national medals in the javelin and experience the high-performance world on the athlete side of the fence.

This is where high performance sport became my passion, my field of study, and eventually my job. 

I worked with the Brisbane Roars as Sport Scientist and currently with St. Joseph’s Gregory Terrace as S&C coach.

My goal with Athletix is to bring my coaching attributes together to help youths and adults alike with whatever their training goals may be, from body image to performance, from injury to health. I employ a scrupulous adherence to current literature, to ensure my clients are benefitting from the best evidence-based practice today. 



Strength & Conditioning Coach - ASCA level 1

Bachelor in Exercise & Sport Science (Hons.)

Master of Applied Sport Science (Undertaking)

Anthropometrist – ISAK Level 1

Silver medal at U18 Australian Athletics Championships (Javelin, 2014)

Bronze medal at U20 Australian Athletics Championships (Javelin, 2016)

Training Focus

Youth Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Power Development

Injury Prevention and Rehab

pilates coach
Physioterapist & Pilates Coach

Sarah Kitcher


I have a deep passion for sports and believe physical activity and functional movement should be a part of everybody’s lifestyle. I strive to utilise both a hands-on approach and evidence-based exercise for long term benefits in my professional care. Sarah is one of the exceptional physios from Le-Physique Physiotherapy . Sarah delivers our outstanding Pilates classes and provides assessments and screening for all our members.and their families.


Doctor of Physiotheraphy

Bachelor in Sport & Exercise Science (major in Nutrition)

Rowing Nationals (2011-12-13)

Netball Nationals (NSW, QLD, NT)

Pilates Teacher

Anna 1 scaled - Youth & Adults Gym Brisbane - Group Fitness Classes & Personal Training - ATHLETIX
Accredited Dietitian

Anna Tiesenhausen


Anna is one of the accredited practising dietitians at Tisi health – a Brisbane based holistic health brand founded to inspire people to live healthier lives. 

Anna prides herself on using evidence-based practice approaches for her dietetic services, using the most up-to-date information. Anna aims to help you find realistic nutrition solutions that you can implement the day you walk away from your consult. 

By working alongside a gastroenterologist, Anna has found a passion for all things gut health. She is also passionate about sports nutrition, where she enjoys working closely with the rest of the team, whether that be physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, or S&C Coaches. 

Interestingly, Anna finds that gut health and sports nutrition often overlap. 


Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours)

Monash FODMAPS certification

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer in Brisbane, don’t forget to check out Athletix. They have one of the best fitness coaches in Australia to help you exercise effectively and avoid the chances of injuries.

On average, a personal trainer in Brisbane costs as little as $25 per session. You can also save some money by splitting the cost of a session with a family member or a friend. It is essential to remember that the charges of every class are different.

Personal training is a great way to revitalise your health, build your workout knowledge, and achieve your goals faster. It is a worthwhile investment in yourself to charge up your motivation.


Here are a few critical reasons to try out personal training at least one in your life:

  1.  A coach might guide you through the ropes and pulls to build your knowledge and confidence if you’re new to workout.
  2.  A good training program offers personalised plans to maintain your health and reduce the chances of injuries.
  3.  Booking for PT in advance motivates you to show up every week and feel accountable.
  4.  A good PT encourages you to achieve more than your expectations without forcing you to the point of pain.

If you’ve decided to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, it is vital to find a personal health coach ASAP. However, how frequently you see your coach depends on your fitness goals. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, you might need to see your trainer two to three times a week.

On the other hand, visit your two times a week if you go to the gym regularly but don’t find it beneficial. If you’re an athletic type, your trainer might give you one session per week to help you achieve a balanced physique while lessening the risks of sports-related injuries.

The average cost of personal training varies in every country, depending on the coach’s availability, experience, credentials, and reputation. On average, you can find a fitness instructor charging between 25$-50$ for a 30-minute session and 40$-70$ for an hour session.

If you decide to sign up for a month, it might help you save some bucks. Moreover, if the gym does not have any luxury amenities, it will cost you less. You can also save money by booking a trainer in packages of 5,10, 20 sessions. The more you book in advance, the more you’ll save!

If you want to make sure that your workouts are effective, look for these attributes in a personal trainer:
1. Credentials
A person must obtain one of these certifications to become a health coach: NCSA, ACE, or NASM.
2. Experience
An experienced coach should have perfected the moves to help you get the most out of every rep.
3. Charges
It is crucial to consider the hourly rate of a personal instructor depending on their certifications, experience, specialty, and location.
4. Reputation
It is best to find a trainer through referral. A knowledgeable and successful trainer will be happy to share their success stories, testimonials, and references.

All trainers at Athletix Gym are certified and upskilled.

If you’re looking for a trainer in Brisbane, you can always turn to Athletix as their instructors are certified. They are educated in basic exercises, science, fitness assessments, nutrition practices, human movement science, speed, agility, client interaction, and professional development.

You can always find a certified health coach in reputable gyms with the following certifications:
1.  International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
2.  National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF)
3.  American Council on Exercise (ACE)
4.  National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Whether you want to lose weight, get in shape, increase stamina, or simply feel that additional accountability will benefit you, hiring a personal trainer can be a great resource to you. Here are a few services to expect from a personal trainer:

  1.  Help you figure out whether your fitness goals are realistic.
    2.  Teach you how to practice a particular exercise properly.
    3.  Suggest activities and exercises according to your body.
    4.  Hold you accountable for your goals by keeping a regular check.
    5.  Push you a little harder to make sure you don’t slack off.
    6.  Evaluate your current program and suggest ways to tweak it.

As fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, trainers are often expected to write meal plans for their clients to boost their performance, lose weight, deal with chronic health issues, and lower potential health risks. Besides, they must know the latest diet trends and learn how they align with your training regime as many people require specific food plans.

However, it’s against the law to offer diet and nutrition suggestions in many states unless you have a certification. Obtaining nutrition-specific certification allows a trainer to provide their insights legally and even expand the scope of their training business.

Hiring a personal trainer can be a difficult task but offers numerous benefits. Here are four tips to consider when hiring a coach in Brisbane for reaching your fitness goal:

  1.  Find a trainer who can assess your needs and institute a plan that pushes your physical strength.
    2.  A trainer who gives clear instructions feedback, and builds a strong relationship with the clients, while making them feel safe is suitable.
    3.  A personal trainer should be knowledgeable in various types of exercises and styles.
    4.  A health coach must have experience with different medical conditions you might have.

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