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NDIS Program



ATHLETIX offers The most comprehensive program built by accredited professionals to help regain control from anxiety and depression. 

Supported by evidence based physical and mental interventions, the program is based on inclusive group therapy and built around 4 main pillars: 

  • Breathing therapy
  • Psychology 
  • Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology 
  • Trauma healing Yoga.


The program aims at approaching psycho-social issues (trauma, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, anxiety, and depression) in a holistic manner, enhancing the socialising aspect across all the elements of the journey. Offering the opportunity to learn, practice, and retain strategies and coping mechanisms that can help recognise triggers and regain focus and control. A program that merges body and mind health as powerhouse for a more balanced lifestyle. For six weeks, every Saturday, we will meet and go through the “MIND” (Breathing, Psychology therapy) and “BODY” (Clinical Pilates and Trauma-healing Yoga) building empowerment and calmness. A 4-hour weekly comprehensive evidence-based program to build a new you!

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Mindfulness Breathwork

Throughout the program, you will be provided with the tools to support and encourage you to take the power of your emotional regulation. With power comes choice. During the program, tailored group therapy sessions will empower you with the initial tools to begin the journey to taking your life back. And all you need to do is… breathe! Together, we are going to strengthen your ability to engage your parasympathetic nervous system so that you can bring it to action when needed. Learn about visualization and how, together with mindfulness, it can boost your everyday life.

Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology

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The World Health Organization defines health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organization, 2006). One proven means to improve health is physical activity, which has the demonstrated ability to improve both physical and psychological quality of life. Our Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology will not only gift your physical health, by strengthening your core muscles, and improving joint health, balance and coordination. It will also enhance the production of your endorphins from the pituitary glands, improve your sleep patterns and reduce overall sensitivity to stress. Regardless of the exercise history or current physical conditions, our expert practitioners can tailor and suit each movement to the individual.

Yoga for Improved Mental Health

Our Yoga program provides individual and group classes to people who are experiencing (or have experienced) significant difficulties within their lives, with mindfulness to draw on their yoga practice even when they’re not doing yoga eg, through breath awareness, meditation, and body movement integrated with breath via asana or poses. The yoga instruction provided is ‘traumainformed’ in its approach which considers that the clients who participate are highly likely to have experienced some form of trauma in their lives and hence this approach to facilitation is one which has the “whole client’s” needs in mind at all times. The classes facilitated by Yoga on the Inside instructors cater for all students with all levels of abilities and we hold space for participants to “show up as they are”.


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clinical psychologist

Dr. Alan Headey

Alan is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for 16 years in a range of settings. He has a special interest in helping people with complex medical illnesses. Over time, Alan’s work has focused on helping people recover from trauma and difficult childhood experiences. He places emphasis on helping people feel safe and well resourced before proceeding with processing pain from the past. 

Alan has a Double Major in Psychology with Honours from UQ (2000) and a Doctorate in Health Psychology from the University of Melbourne (2006). Away from work Alan enjoys watching the mighty flying Hawks, bush walking, reading and playing sports of any kind.


judith griffiths - Strength & Conditioning Gym Brisbane - Group Fitness Classes & Personal Training - ATHLETIX

Dr. Judith Griffiths

Judith is a registered psychologist and holds an endorsement in sport and exercise psychology. She works with members of the public, individual and team athletes, and people diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorders and those under NDIS. She also works in injury rehabilitation and chronic pain management.

Judith’s approach is to work collaboratively to help clients learn strategies to better manage their symptoms and to get on with living a valued life. Judith adopts a variety of therapies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Mindfulness; Solution Focussed Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

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Yoga Teacher

Sonia Brown-Diaz

Sonia is a qualified yoga teacher, who has her own personal lived-experienced of trauma and has found comfort in the soothing practice of embodied- mindfulness, yoga, breath-work and meditation.

Sonia found the strength to use this life experience and studied trauma-informed yoga modalities which now shape the way in which she facilitates yoga for those she serves.

Sonia is the Founder of Yoga on the Inside and the Australian Ambassador of Prison Yoga Project, a phenomenal project supporting transformation and rehabilitation for people in incarcerated settings, victims of Domestic Violence, Veterans of the Defence Force and people from marginalised and diverse backgrounds, through an embodied-
mindfulness and trauma-informed approach to yoga facilitation.

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Yoga Teacher

Giles Aldridge

Giles is an Exercise Scientist who worked for a number of years as a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach for High-Performance Institutions.

After his bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science, Giles completed a Master in Exercise Physiology, becoming an Allied Health practitioner.

Since then, Giles has focused on helping clinical patients with a variety of chronic injuries and became a sought after consultant for the Mining industry to assess and provide solutions to improve the wellbeing of the workforce in the mining sites.

Giles is also an accredited Clinical Pilates instructor which he used to treat people with both mental and physical disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Course is made by 6 weekly workshops, held generally on a Saturday and involving both the Mind (Group Therapy, Breathing, Mindfulness, coping strategies and self-awareness) and the Body (Trauma informed Yoga, Clinical Pilates, Joint mobility and catered physical activity). The Saturday workshops are generally 4 hours in total, 2 blocks of 2 hours, in which there are mind breaks with Morning and Afternoon tea (provided).

Participants are welcome to bring a support worker if required.

The course if for NDIS participants who are either self-managed or plan-managed. The participants have Psycho-Social needs and wish to improve their quality of life, We recommend their support coordinators to get in touch with us and ensure the plan is cover by their NDIS budget.

Each day the cost is $355  per participants (4 hours). The total at the end of the 6 weeks/sessions is $2080.32 per participants.

Yes. The agreement is that participants need to attend all workshops.

The reason is that the program is broken down in 6 consecutives sessions, so each participant can acquire and develop a tool box to become more self-sufficient, physically active and self-aware.

Yes, we allow new participants up to week 2. 

Given the small group setting (up to 12 individuals). We can help catch up with the missed initial assessment sessions.

Payment is pro-rata and only the sessions to come will be invoiced.

No. In fact most of our participants had little or no previous experiences. Our practitioners are experienced and can tailor the exercises and classes individually to suit whatever is the physical activity background/history.

Our exercise physiologist will go through a screening to make informed decisions on what is the best approach. 

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