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Family Classes

Adult, Youth & Family Gym Membership Plans

Athletix is a family friendly gym based in Fortitude Valley, BrisbaneWe pride ourselves on being a family friendly training centre, where kids (primary and high schools) and adults can train under the same roof. We offer a variety of training classes for families to train together or individually and save money on their gym memberships. Up to 4 members can be included under one membership and prices are from $120 per week

Our certified strength and conditioning coaches are dedicated to completing your fitness goals. You will never feel like you are working hard for fitness. Instead, you’ll love to spend your fitness quality time with your family and us. For more information, visit our family membership options.

Why Join AS A Family?

There are many reasons to join a family gym, such as a healthier lifestyle, a better appearance, and more energy. But the best reason is to save money on gym  membership and spend time with your family. All members under the plan can train individually at any time and have access to all our classes. We also have some classes designed to train together as a family, such as Family Fitness.

We’ve talked about how kids are less active than ever before for years which is a sort of an epidemic in the world. We’re seeing childhood obesity levels increase and childhood activity levels decrease. It’s no secret that there are various health benefits from being physically active. However, many don’t realise that the activity doesn’t have to be intense to be effective.

There are many benefits of joining a class with our Brisbane fitness trainers, including:

  • The social aspect of participating in a class
  • Allowing yourself to meet new people and make friends
  • Having access to all the equipment you need for your workout routine
  • Reducing the time you spend driving to and from a public gym or exercise class
  • Having a trainer or instructor who can keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Getting guidance on which exercises work best for your body type and fitness level

Our Family Membership Plans

We have two membership plans; Gym with family membership plans are very affordable. You can choose as per your choice.


The yearly membership plan includes full access to all gym equipment and services from registering with us for one year. Add up to 4 members under this subscription. We will provide customised plans and pricing. Visit our membership page for more pricing information.


The monthly subscription plan includes full access to all the gym equipment and services for 30 days from the date of registering with us. You can add up to 4 members under this subscription, two adults and three children. All Classes are included in the family membership plans.

Our Family Gym Training Program


Type: Recovery/Release

Mobility training is a part of a comprehensive strength and conditioning program. It can help with injury prevention and rehabilitation and improve performance in sports such as weightlifting.

Mobility training can help train athletes how to utilise better the range of motion of their joints, which will lead to increased ability in activities like squatting, lunging, and other high-impact exercises. It can also help with injury prevention by improving balance, stability, and strength in the muscles around the joint.

Mobility training is the best way to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Mobilising the joints before and after a workout is crucial for injury prevention and muscle recovery, and it can help you do better on your lifts.

A common misconception about mobility training is that it’s just for people who are injured or recovering from an injury. However, research shows that mobility training will significantly improve performance for everyone.

Specifically, mobility training improves joint angularity and range of motion, leading to better sprinting and jumping abilities, faster running speeds, increased vertical jump height, enhanced power output.

Mat Pilates

Pilates training program involves using stretch bands and other equipment to create a series of movements. The goal of pilates is to strengthen the body and increase flexibility to provide more excellent stability, mobility and balance.

There are many benefits to Pilates training, including increased core stability, flexibility, and improved posture. It also improves joint health, reduces back pain and increases muscle strength.

Pilates is the ultimate body-shaping workout that can trim, shape and strengthen your body. It stresses a lot on the deep core muscles, which are the ones that make you look flat and toned. It also trains you to move more efficiently and helps in improving your posture. The mat Pilates method of exercise is a series of controlled movements that require minimal effort and use the resistance of one’s body weight to tone muscle groups.

Family Fitness


HIT based class for the whole family. There is something for every age group. Perfect to create healthy positive memories. TRAIN – SWEAT – BOND through the struggles and challenges of the workout.


Type : Recovery/Release

A recovery class designed for athletic and general populations. A science-based approach to improve both flexibility and control (strength) in different/new ranges of motion. Get supple and strong at the same time! whatever your training age and experience, you will feel the difference after just one session!

Mat Pilates

Type : Recovery/Release

Low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance. Perfect for those sitting for too long!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are many family gyms you can find in Brisbane; Athletix is one of the best of them. We have state-of-art gyming types of equipment and certified trainers that will help you on every step of achieving your family fitness goals. People are more likely to stay committed to a fitness routine if they have social support. Family members are great, but it could be some friends you like to go along with. Join a family gym class and get in on some of the fun!

The family membership gym prices/cost can vary according to the facilities and other factors of the Gym. It’s essential to consider a gym’s location, hours, and amenities to determine the price. Family memberships at the Gym can be a little expensive for families. The average cost of a foundation family membership is $439 per year or $41 per month. The price varies depending on the Gym, but it is usually cheaper if you pay for multiple months in advance. It would be best to look for all factors before getting any family gym memberships because it is pretty expensive.

A family gym membership is beneficial for many reasons. One of the most significant benefits is that it helps children healthily connect with their parents. It also promotes a healthy lifestyle to children and adults alike, leading to better self-esteem and a positive perspective on life.

Another benefit to a family gym membership is that it encourages a healthier lifestyle among the whole family. Drastic changes in diet, fitness routine or even regular exercise are easier when kids are involved. By giving your kids an outlet for their energy, you’ll find your household calmer and more productive.

Some gyms offer discounts for families. Families with more than one child can save money on each membership, and parents often find that they can exercise with their children more quickly when they’re in the exact location.

Family memberships terms vary on the gym. Some gyms allow up to 2 adults and four children, while others allow three adults and five children. You should look at the membership plans before signing up for a family membership. The member limit for a family membership will vary from one Gym to another but typically ranges from two to four adults and five or six children. When you are trying to figure out who can be in your family membership, it is best to ask the staff at the Gym what their policy is before you sign up for the membership.


Athletix is a Fitness and Athletic development centre in the heart of Brisbane (Fortitude Valley) offering Group Classes in Strength, Speed & Agility, Conditioning, Sprint mechanics, Pilates, Mobility and more. Book an Introductory Class Today!


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