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Strike Fit Boxing


Boxing pad-work for any level and ability, focused purely on Fitness. Think hard and fast hits, elevated Cardio workout, boosting muscular endurance, metabolic rate and lowering your stress levels. PS. NO SPARRING 🙂

No longer is boxing a mere sport. Boxing is now a popular method of achieving mental and physical fitness. It includes mind and body coordination, and fitness boxing offers many health benefits. At Athletix, we offer boxing training classes for all experience levels, whether you have beginners or intermediate skills. We also welcome women, elderly candidates in our style.

Strikefit boxing is a combination of Krav Maga & Kickboxing. It is a perfect workout that gives your body and skills the fighting ability. This workout is all-around and includes heavy bag work, pad work, kettlebells, medicine balls, wind sprints, and plyometrics.

Our Strike Fit Instructors are certified to teach you how To put strike combinations together correctly, but the emphasis is on fitness and fun. This class will make you sweaty and thirsty and leave you wanting more. Let’s have a look at our class’s main features.

Our Strike fit boxing class in Brisbane consists of:

  • A warmup, floor/leg work, and a warmup (wherein you are on a padded ground performing movement training such as jumping jacks, shadow boxing, sprinting, & quick feet drills).
  • We will keep the energy high by playing energetic music. However, we will be focusing on technical training to improve your kickboxing and boxing skills.
  • Next, reach the boxing round and assist you with skill development, Stamina, and strength techniques.
  • You can also learn Muay Thai kickboxing basic techniques in one of our classes. We will help you feel more confident and start your lesson from the primary level.
  • You can also modify your core strength training to include multiple options and modifications. It is where you push your entire core to achieve incredible strength and feel a massive difference in your performance.
  • Although there are many other options, you can do boxing training differently. However, hitting a heavy 100lb bag provides numerous benefits, including stress relief, anger release, aggression, and a therapeutic workout like none other.
  • Experienced and certified trainers conduct all classes. Lessons also consist of cardio work, boxing, or kickboxing on heavy 100lb leather bags.  
  • We provide intelligent bag facilities to candidates to track their progress in each class. Our technology tracks your strikes, intensity, and speed. This technology will allow you to get more from every exercise you do.
  • You will perform a cool-down stretch at the end of your session, which will make you feel delighted.
  • Strike fit boxing is a great way to achieve mental and physical fitness; join our boxing class workout and see the results!
  • We conduct group boxing classes, which will also help you enhance your social skills. 

You will learn how to form your feet and use combinations properly in each class. Follow your trainer carefully and try out different actions & blends. We will also teach you defensive moves such as bobbing and weaving. You will enhance core strength and training by practising defensive moves during rounds. To avoid injuries, we focus on proper form and technique.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Boxing with a partner is great for learning if you’re new to the sport. You can practice your moves without a partner. Whether you’re a skilled or proficient boxer, you still need to box with others to spar and coach. It may be easier to box alone if you want to do heavy-bag training.

    It can be scary to train with other boxers, especially if they shout when they throw punches. If you’re a beginner, communicate with your sparring partner that this is the case. If you have faith that your partner will not hurt you, light sparring can help you enhance your skills and make you feel more confident during practice.

    Boxing is a powerful workout that burns more calories an hour than other sports. Boxing can help you burn 800 calories in an hour. This exciting exercise method is also great for burning belly fat. According to new research, it burns more calories than running or going to the gym. If you are 155 lbs, you can burn 298 calories by doing half an hour of circuit training. If you are 185 lbs. you can lose 355 calories simultaneously. Boxing class is one of the most effective and accessible methods of burning calories; that’s why boxing sets a new trend among youngsters and even adults. 

    The pricing of boxing classes varies according to the lessons. Many other factors also impact the cost, such as class size, frequency of lessons, time, instructor’s experience, student’s experience, and location. The average price of boxing class in Brisbane is $20-30 (group class) / $40-60 (one-on-one), Lowest Price: $10 and Highest price: $60. It may vary from studio to studio or because of the additional services. Also, keep in mind boxing requires lots of equipment while practising the moves; you might be able to purchase some of the equipment from the gym, such as a punching bag, weights, skipping rope, or others that you may have purchased. 

    Boxing classes are intense. Expect to sweat and move fast in many directions. Make sure you are wearing light clothing and comfortable shoes. Men should wear a fitted sports t-shirt or a top. A compression top is great if you sweat a lot while performing. A sports bra is required for women because of the high level of movement involved in boxing. You can also opt for a sports tech top. Boxers prefer to wear sweatshirts or shirts with the sleeves cut to let their shoulders move freely and allow them to take off the top easily while wearing gloves. 

    Yes, the boxing class is friendly for all. Boxing can help seniors maintain their brain function, improve their reaction time and improve all aspects of their health. Boxing is an excellent way to strengthen your core without having to do a single sit-up. You can do resistance training by punching the boxing bag and focus mitts. A boxing class can help seniors improve their cardiovascular health. Boxing is a beautiful workout for women of all ages, provided you don’t have any injuries or conditions that could affect your boxing ability. Boxing promotes muscle tone by using repetitive movements that are repeated often. The whole body will work hard and become toned, including your arms, legs, and glutes. 


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    Working hours

    6:00 AM – 7:30 PM

    6:00 AM – 7:30 PM

    5:15 AM – 7:30 PM

    6:00 AM – 7:30 PM

    5:15 AM – 6:00 PM

    6:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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