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Fitness Classes in Brisbane

Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, strength, speed or endurance our group fitness class programs are designed to take the same approach used in elite sport teams and provide it to the general population.

We also offer tailored small group classes for children. Whether you want your child or teenager to be better at sprinting, netball, cricket, basketball, soccer or rugby, our group fitness classes are designed to take the same approach used in elite sport teams and provide it to our children. To help improve your teens performance at sport or motivate your children to exercise, our gym in Brisbane offers the following classes below.



Build the foundations for proper Strength training, from ZERO to OLYMPIC LIFTS. Effective workouts to develop strength and technique. Each fortnight the main lifts and accesosories are changed, 

Youth Agility Foundations

Type : Conditioning

AGE GROUP: 7-11 years This class merges elements of physical fitness, injury prevention, linear and lateral speed. The basis for safe movement in a dynamic, fast-pace environment.

Youth Agility Development

Type : Conditioning

AGE GROUP: 12-16 years old Everything around Team (Court/Field) sports conditioning. Move faster with confidence! Plyometrics, Change of Directions, Injury prevention drills. Everything needed to bulletproof the body and let you/your kids enjoy sports games and competitions.

Youth Fitness Foundations

Type : Conditioning

AGE GROUP: 7-11 years Starter program for Primary School aged kids, developing foundation skills and movement patterns. We support your kids’ long-term athletic development. Get stronger, burn calories and improve the foundation for any sport!

Youth Strength Development

Type : Strength

AGE GROUP: 12 – 16
High School kids will be guided  through learning the foundation of resistance training. Increasing muscle strength, physical resilience and overall competency, condifence in the gym and robustness! 

Youth Speed Foundation

Type : Cardio

AGE GROUP: 7-11 years Learn the foundations of Sprinting and Acceleration. Perfect the mechanic and improve speed. Pathway for our Speed Development class

Youth Speed Development

Type : Cardio

AGE GROUP: 12-16 years old. Learn the foundations of Sprinting and Acceleration. Work on technical drills, develop physiological adaptations and injury-proof your body for any court and field sport. This is a pathway to our SPEED SQUAD (to be launched later in the year)


Type : Cardio

Train like track athletes!
Sprint and Acceleration workouts
BOOST your metabolism, enhance your sprint ability, while learning the technical elements of sprinting.

HIIT – Push and Drag

Type : Conditioning

Develop insane fitness, strength, and resilience! Our SLED and PROWLERS workout is filled with functional movements, a great combination of bodyweight drills, and Teamwork! A true expression of evidence-based high-intensity training


Type : Conditioning

The single best fitness tool on the market! Tons of exercise to work every single muscle in your body. Build form, strength-endurance and physical/mental resilience


Type : Recovery/Release

A recovery class designed for athletic and general populations. Trusted by Cricket Australia and the QLD Bulls. A science-based approach to maximize both flexibility and control! whatever your training age and experience, give it a go!

Mat Pilates

Type : Recovery/Release

Coached by our in house Physiotherapists. Low-impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance. Perfect for those sitting for too long!


Type : Conditioning/Strength

HIT based class for the whole family. There is something for every age group. Perfect to create healthy positive memories. TRAIN – SWEAT – BOND through the struggles and challenges of the workout.


Type : Cardio

Boxing pad-work for any level and ability,  focused purely on Fitness. 

Think hard and fast hits, elevated Cardio workout, boosting muscular endurance, metabolic rate and lowering your stress levels.



Type : Conditioning

Circuit training based class in which ALL aspects of fitness are touched… Flexibility, Cardio, Strength (using bodyweight, Trx, med balls, ktlb and/or sleds) A fun workout by which metabolic conditioning is the king! 



Athletix is a family gym with huge open space, carefully designed and crafted to cater for a variety of needs. Book an Introductory Class Today!


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